Wood carving Works

Wood carving is a practice that has existed since time immemorial, as old as human history itself . Wood carving is sometimes utilitarian, sometimes art, but most often it is a combination of both. Traditional wood carving involves an artisan or master craftsman woking on wood using tools like a chisel and mallet to produce a statue, an ornamentation of an object and sculptures. This method still exists today and is widely practiced.

About CNC wood carving machine.

Ever since the explosion of technology people have tried to automate the practice of wood carving with a view of reducing cost and for producing multiple replicas of the same product without signifcant differences between the copies themselves. The traditional wood carving tools were modified to be attached to rotating or moving machine heads which did the job of the wood carver, but more quickly. However full automation could not be produced with the technology until the 21st century.

Automation of Wood Carving Works

Automation of wood carving really took off in the mid 21st century. Starting from punch card and tape control, automated wood carving machines had evolved over time.Today the control of the tool head and the moving parts is handled by a software programmable computer. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and has revolutionized the field of machining and that includes wood carving